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Why Online Computer Repair?

Using our online computer repair support technology we will link your computer to ours via an internet connection to repair your computer while you watch. The fact is that most personal computer problems are software related. This means that in almost all cases a technician does not need to physically touch your computer and a repair can be done via our online computer repair service.

Is Remote PC Repair Safe?

During your safe and secure guaranteed online computer repair session you will be able to observe all computer repairs that our technician performs live by watching your computers screen. Your mouse icon will move around on your computer screen as our technician fixes the issue and/or optimizes your system for peak performance. Beware of companies that black out your screen while they "work". You will see everything we do  Want to know more about the workings of your system? This is a great opportunity as you can watch and learn, something you can't do when you drop your computer off at a repair shop. Feel free to use the built in chat window, present during the entire process, to ask questions of your technician. You will also be provided with your technicians direct phone number so communication is never an issue. Even though the technician is moving your mouse you can assume control at any time. You see everything the technician is doing. Our online computer repair connection is bank strength encrypted so no breach of security is possible. When we finish we will not be able to connect to your computer again unless you contact us and receive a new connection code. This entire process keeps you in complete control at all times.

Do you do the online computer repair or are you reselling for another company?

We are not a reseller for another company, we are the company that does the repair!  Your technician will work for Online Computer Repair .com and will be in our Atlanta office.

No Complicated Pricing.  One Flat Fee Fixes Your PC.

Don't be lured into thinking you're getting a great deal elsewhere only to be up sold by their "starting at" price. We will make sure your computer is ready for action with our diagnostic and repair service. We will solve any issues, remove viruses and spyware and optimize your PC for improved performance all for one flat fee low price.

Fixed or Free Guarantee

Fixed or Free Guarantee

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"The technician was very professional. was able to assess the problem, and dismantle it with confidence. He made sure I was clear on the procedures, and made himself openly available while the programming was taking place. My problem was rather severe, but he stayed working on it with dignity for the company, until the issue was resolved."

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